Joe Biden, He’s the Assistant President Right?

Last week, influenced by the events in Colorado I wondered if it was possible to offer unbiased history education in schools.

This week I find myself willing to accept any form of history and civics education in classrooms.

After a visit from Vice President Joe Biden upset traffic, Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to see if Americans actually knew who Joe Biden was. These types of things are nothing new (think back to Jay Leno’s Jaywalking), but each new edition is no less frustrating to watch.

In high school, my U.S. History and later U.S. Government teacher used to end class every Friday with a General Information Quiz, a test of current events and random trivia. While the exercise was for fun, he was also testing us to see, as he put it, who paid attention to the world around them and who wandered the streets with a cloud around his or her head. Sadly, the people in this video fall into the latter category, quite literally the case for the guy who admitted to being high as a kite.

I am aware that when groups do these sorts of things it takes many tries to find the people who give such terrible answers. But as someone who advocates the importance of history and civics education, should I be alarmed?

A few weeks ago I got stuck on I-95 when they shut the highway down for Joe Biden’s visit to Philadelphia. I was no less mad than anyone else. But at least I knew who I was mad at.


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