CCS Permanente – Some perspectives about Tattoos in Venezuela

Hey there!

Before moving to the United States I had the opportunity to participate in a short documentary called “CCS Permanente”. This was a project developed by Film students of the Escuela Nacional de Cine (National School of Film), an important institution in Venezuela dedicated to the education and production of the film industry.


The filmmaker, Ifran Aguilar, wanted to expose how has been the progression of tattoos in Venezuela as a social and artistic phenomenon. This  query made him look for multiple answers and perspectives included in the narrative of this interesting short film. Local tattoo artist, a social psychologist, and myself, were invited to participate in this project, trying to construct the impact of the tattoo nowadays, its social and cultural implications, and its recent popularity. By doing so, he approached as well to the origins of this aesthetic phenomenon in the country and how its cultural appreciation has changed over the past years.

Ifran is now working on the English subtitles for the documentary. I promise I will post the new version once is ready. For now, those who can understand a little bit of Spanish (or if you want to check a Venezuelan film production) can watch it here:


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