The Hottest Heads of State

Here it is fellow history lovers: the DEFINITIVE ranking of our Presidents based on hotness! I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for such a list; I’m just glad to be the one to deliver it.

“So Heather,” you may ask, “why do we care about how hot the Presidents are?” My answer: “WHY WOULDN’T YOU WAN TO KNOW?!” In all honesty, I found this list to be hilarious, and rather apropos, coming on the heels of Presidents’ Day.

Before I unveil the magical list, let us have a quick recap about the history (since that’s what we do!) of Presidents’ Day. This federal holiday honors the life of that great man George Washington. Although sources claim Washington’s birthday to actually be February 22, the government has deemed it appropriate to celebrate old George on the third Monday of every February. Not to be forgotten, Presidents’ Day also celebrates Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday falls in mid-February. But enough about this history stuff, on to the list!

Here’s the link: Click it. Love it. Believe in it. Let it change your life.

**Disclaimer: it’s okay to not agree with the entire list. I sure don’t. I mean, check out Rutherford B. Hayes, sans a beard! That should have moved him right up the list! #amiright #drewbreesdoppleganger**


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