Alma A. Clarke

I know it’s the end of the semester, and I know we’re all bombarded with a ton of loose ends that need to be tied up – papers, assistantship things, graduation plans (hooray!) – but if any of you need a quick break, I’ve got something for ya!

Follow the link to check out what I’ve been doing the last 16 weeks in my internship with Rosemont College. I’m super excited, and no lie: kind of impressed with myself! The magic of digital history, and Omeka! During my internship I created an online site and exhibit dedicated to the life and work of WWI American Red Cross nurse Alma A. Clarke. She was pretty awesome, and was a key player in a really wonderful and helpful endeavor to aid the French mothers and children ravaged by WWI.

Here’s her story: Till I’ve done all that I can. Check it out if you get a chance!



  1. Fascinating! Thank you for sharing what you’ve been working on! WWI deserves greater public recognition than it normally receives, and documenting the work of Alma A. Clarke through such a great website is a wonderful way of raising public interest!

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