“Making History. The Changing Face of the Profession in History”


Whether you are taking a course on historiography, Theory and Methods, studying for Comps, or simply interested in British historians, Making History. The Changing Face of the Profession in History is a good place to start. This page was developed by the Institute of Advance Research from the University of London, and is devoted to gather different resources that explore the study and practice of history in Britain over the last hundred years.

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the historiographic approaches, all the authors and their trends, and even the new directions the historical praxis is taking in the last years. This website offers different alternatives through which you can refresh your memory on key general terms and scholarships, such as Long History, Microhistory, and the Cultural Turn.  You can take a look on the history of some organizations and journals, such as the British Academy or the journal Past and Present. The page also contains the biography of several British historians and their historiographic trends. What is more interesting is that some of these profiles come with interviews in which eminent authors such as Eric Hobsbawm, David Cannadine or J.H. Elliott, share their personal experience as students and professionals, and their opinions about the progression of the discipline from the perspective of their own fields and interests.

Special thanks to Professor Craig Bailey for showing us this resource in our European Historiography course.

Historians of ‘Past and Present,’ by Stephen Frederick Godfrey Farthing, 1999. National Portrait Gallery, London.


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