The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection; it is a holiday that calls us to be mindful of the blessings we have around us and to give thanks for family and friends. It is also a time during which we can reflect on our roots and learn from the past experiences of the family members who came before us.

StoryCorps, an organization whose mission it is to preserve people’s stories for future generations, has developed a program called “The Great Thanksgiving Listen,” which aims to help people record the stories of their families and friends at Thanksgiving. StoryCorps has designed a toolkit for high school history and social studies teachers to guide their students through the art of preserving oral histories. The goal is for students to download a mobile StoryCorps app and use it to record an interview with a grandparent or another older family member over the course of the Thanksgiving weekend. After the holiday weekend, StoryCorps encourages teachers to facilitate discussion regarding the value of recording oral histories and using them as a tools of historical analysis.

“The Great Thanksgiving Listen” is an innovative program, utilizing modern technology to engage high school students in the work of preserving history. Though the program was designed primarily for students, anyone is welcome to participate in “The Great Thanksgiving Listen.” StoryCorps encourages people to download the StoryCorps app, which people can use to record and publish the interviews they conduct.

Here is more information if you are interested in participating or learning more:

Post by Melanie Dudley


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