A Modern Take on Politics and the Civil War

With the presidential election fast approaching, how knowledgable really are college students in politics?  A few Texas Tech students took to the streets of their campus to ask a few “simple” questions. Who is the Vice President? Who won the Civil War? Who did we gain our independence from and when? And a few non-political questions about Snookie, and Brad Pitt married to and who is his ex-wife?

These first set of questions only one person could answer each question correctly. The most disturbing was not the question about Vice-President Biden but the Civil War. Many of the people asked did not even know who fought in the Civil War let a lone who won it. One girl even asked if they meant the civil war in 1965.  Also not knowing who we gained our independence from weren’t the Revolutionary War and the Civil War taught in grade school? And retaught almost every year after that through high school?

The short video shows where college students priorities are.  When asked the popular culture questions every person answered every question right. There is something about the college culture where students can answer questions on famous people’s marriages but not about the history and running of our nation.  A push for more of a political involvement and knowledge needs to change. However, will a change happen? I don’t think so, college students are focused on the small world around them and activities that don’t require too much thought.  But what does it say about retention rate of information they students can not remember things they were taught all throughout grade school?


By: Riley Hubbard


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