Event: The Art of Publishing Historical Research

Art of Publishing Flyer

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to the final graduate forum event of the year: “the Art of Publishing Historical Research.” The event will feature Dr. Cristina Soriano, who will be discussing her experiences publishing in academic journals such as Ethnohistory, and second-year graduate student Dan Gorman, who has found a number of publishing opportunities on blogs. The event should last approximately 30 minutes and there will be snacks and refreshments.


Putting Your Degree to Work!


Graduate students are highly recommended to attend a talk on finding a non-academic job with a history degree. The event will feature Dr. Kevin Switaj, who received his MA from Villanova’s History Department in 1999. Dr. Switaj will provide students with insights into the different career paths available to individuals with a history degree, offer helpful tips for marketing your training as a historian to future employers, and he will discuss his own journey from earning an MA from Villanova to forging a successful career with a multi-million dollar company in Washington, D.C. The talk will last for approximately one hour and light refreshments and snacks will be provided.  Please feel free to email me at jschmit7@villanova.edu if you have any questions regarding the event and I will gladly assist you.

Upcoming Event: Ph.D. Scare-a-Thon!


Graduate students are invited to attend a Ph.D. program Q & A session on October 22 at 3:00 PM in the Rofinot Lounge. The event will feature Dr. Andrew Liu and Villanova alumni Jim Kopaczewski, who will be discussing topics ranging from the application process to writing and defending a dissertation. The talk will last approximately an hour.

Spooky snacks and refreshments will be provided.