Upcoming Area Conferences

Dust off your old research papers and consider presenting at some of the area’s upcoming conferences.  No paper?  Miss the deadline?  No worries.  Swing by, learn something new, and engage in the conversations.

  • The McNeil Center for Early American Studies hosts paper workshops many Friday afternoons each month. From Dr. Martinko: “MCEAS brings in scholars from various disciplines and career stages; attendees should read the pre-circulated paper in advance. I attend workshops when my schedule allows, and I’m always happy to have interested graduate students join me.” See the fall schedule for more information.
  • Conference: Oct. 9-11, Association of Historians of American Art Annual Symposium. Program and registration.
  • Conference: Oct. 9-12, The Urban History Association. Program and registration.
  • Conference: Oct. 24-25, Economic History’s Many Muses (Program in Early American Economy and Society). Program and free registration.
  • Conference: Nov. 6-8, Pennsylvania Historical Association Annual Meeting. Program.
  • Conference: Nov. 14-15, “Survivor Objects,” Center for Material Culture Studies, University of Delaware. Program and registration.

Big thanks to Dr. Martinko for compiling the majority of this list.  Aware of another conference we don’t have listed?  Comment and let us know the details.

Welcome, New Colleagues!

New students, Grad Council representatives from the History program, and freshly minted alumnus Andrew, now an Office of Graduate Studies employee, enjoyed chatting on the lawn.

Grad student orientation was held on Sunday, August 24.  The event is organized every year by the Office of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Student Council.

After being bombarded with massive amounts of helpful information about their next 2+ years at Villanova, History students made their way outside to enjoy a light dinner and socialization on Driscoll Hall’s lawn.  The fun continued with a walk to Flip & Bailey’s to enjoy happy hour with grad students from numerous programs.

We enjoyed meeting many of our new colleagues tonight and look forward to getting to know you more during your journeys here at Nova.  Welcome to the program and see you again soon.

We’re in the process of transitioning from our old site, which is why there’s not much here right now.

Our student profiles and alum interviews have already made the move, however.  You can check out their new looks using the links to the left.

Many exciting things are planned for the new edition of Historically Speaking.  We look forward to sharing them with you in the coming weeks.